Part song, part experimental tech-art piece, Toronto’s cinematic indie-pop/rock duo W I N C H E S T E R reveal their latest single, Throw It Down, taken from their forthcoming EP, “If Time is Not Linear Why Can’t I Forget the Past?”. The high-tech visual and audio experience is the product of the unbridled collision of the pair’s backgrounds in architecture, classical music, coding, visual art, DJing, and design. Together, Canadian artists Lauren Austin and Montgomery de Luna forge an atmospheric sonic palette brought to life by an equally hybrid video art piece that blurs the line between computation, projection mapping, photography, and still life.

Fully self-produced in domestic secrecy, Throw It Down is the fourth and final single in a series of four art pieces released on Label Labs Records, an emerging grassroots recording club based out of Toronto. With each release the group will carve out another piece of the W I N C H E S T E R universe, methodically developing the visual companion to each song. This combination of sonic and visual elements as one integrated work advances the duo’s vision of a holistic concept realized through multiple media which will define their place in the music scene.

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