Chinless Wonder - You've Got Me
Neurotypes, fanclubwallet - You're Not The One
Mogy - you just don't wanna see it
Human Barbie - Wishing
Rose Brokenshire - When I Grow Up
Margaux - What Could I Say?
Fetch Tiger - Wearing More Than Red
Jordana - We Get By
Washed Out - Wait on You
Bathe Alone - Victims
Good Looks - Vaughn
FirstWorld - vanity
CjayQ - Under The Sea, Over My Head
dayaway - true cyan
Wishy - Triple Seven
JW Francis - Treasure
Layzi - too high
Kate Bollinger - To Your Own Devices
Major Murphy - Time Out
Katy J Pearson - Those Goodbyes
Tuff Bear - The News
None the Younger - The Long Run
Holy Wire - The Ending Of An Age
porch kiss - take the blame
Old Crush - Soft Amnesia
Bluey, ctrl + me - Silkwood
Pearl & The Oysters - Side Quest
MJ Lenderman - She's Leaving You
Cal in Red - She Won't Say
Clairo - Sexy to Someone
Ghool, Manicole - Sewn Up
Good Looks - Self-destructor
AAberg - SEA
Haich Ber Na - Sandringham
Jive Talk - Sally
Niko Rosé - rubber wheel
dayaway - rogue wave
Ohr - Red Pill
Been Stellar - Pumpkin
Dude Low - Polyamour
Goat Girl - play it down
This Is Lorelei - Perfect Hand
Joy Downer - Patterns
Chinless Wonder - Passing My Way
Hang Ten - Oh Here We Go
Lutalo - Ocean Swallows Him Whole
COOL HEAT, Flowerbabe - Not My Fault (feat. Flowerbabe)
salvia palth - no-intro
Shane T - No More Questions
Sleepy Soul - Never Ending Summer
Uncle Skunk - My Sweet Wife
Thomas Flynn - Mourning Dove
Evil Armand - Midnight Summer Love
Nilüfer Yanya - Method Actor
Grazer - Memory Screen
FOLK9 - Melancholy Man
Land of Talk - Magnetic Hill
Georgia Gets By - Madeline
Pale Moon - Love Me
Love Spells - Love Costs
Paradise Blossom - Love Bomb
Chavín - Lost In Time
Bs - lost cowboy
Still Woozy - Little Things
Peel Dream Magazine - Lie In the Gutter
Sam Morton, Alabaster Deplume - Let's Walk In The Night
Still Woozy - Lemon
Artie Barrot - Kick Back in the Shade
Sports Coach - Junipers Dream
Good Looks - If It's Gone
Jamie Gloo - i saw the m00n
Sam and Louise Sullivan - I Got A Light
Margaux - I Can't Decide
Maddie Moon - hold (drifting away)
Chinese American Bear - Heartbreaker
Phantom Handshakes - Good Intentions
San Gabriel - Going Nowhere
Snowy Band - God Texted Back
Diamond day - Fiction Feel
Flat Pop - Feels Right
Why Bonnie - Fake Out
Lunar Isles - Fade Out
Gus Dapperton - Everything She Wants
Coolhand Jax - Everything Changes All of the Time
Superfan - Everybody Rides the Carousel
Tahiti 80 - Every Little Thing
Night Tapes - drifting
Goofy Geese - Divine
Grand Eugene - Décembre
7ebra - Daybreak
maxime. - damn !!!
Indoor Creature - Cross The Line
Ayla Loon - Crawl
Nutrients - Come Along
pâle regard - Collation
Dayglow - Cocoon
Sex Week - Cockpit
Kowloon - Coasting
Starman Jr. - Clean Boot
Elora - Carousel
Jahnah Camille - carnival sounds
Lunar Isles - Beyond the Pale
Ginger Root - Better Than Monday
salvia palth - best friend on the cross
Whirle - Berlin Haircut
Bo and the Locomotive - Before You Were Born
Leoblu - backlash
Lozenge - Aubrey Plaza
Bathe Alone - Archive 81
Canty - Alligator
Fine - Adore You
Duda Bertho - addicted
Bathe Alone - 4ever

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