Blonde Redhead - Snowman
Fog Lake - Secret
Babe Rainbow - Super Ego
Jewelry - keep your spirit free
GANGS OF KIN - Mass Confusion
Dorio - Color Bag
Stay Lunar - Before You Go
CjayQ - Bedhead
Tyler Burkhart - I'll be your star
White Cliffs - Change My Mind
Meagre Martin - All My Thoughts
Bamboo Bungalow - White Alligator
nasha - thought it'd be you
Honeywhip - Feel a Change Coming
Oscar Lang - Everything Unspoken
Sleepy Soul - Elephant Ear
Color Palette - Pacing Like a Lion
PWNT - Lonely
waveform* - Lonely
Highschool - Colt
Dazies, Fake Dad - Sunlight
Scotch Mist - Sink Into (Your Love)
Hang Ten - Don't Get Me Started
Vaega - Soft
Strange Ranger - She's on Fire
Fig - Seeking For Connection
Yot Club - saveurprogress?
Glitter Party - time waits
Lo Noom - So Long
Dog Walk - Just Let it Go
B O K E H - encore
Marry - Baggy Eyes
Smushie - Sharp Edge
Miicah - Medusa
Youth Sector - Free Parking
Photo Ops - You Must Not Need A Friend At All
Otlo - Stay (Why Won't You?)
Okey Dokey - MA99IE
Sunsee - It's Gone Wrong
Chinless Wonder - Happiness
Swiss Portrait - All I Want
Pique - Overtones
Cayo Coco - Cosmic Healing
Car Driver - Always On, Always a Gas
Buckets - Judy
Grand Eugene - Bye-Bye
Steve Stout - Boy With A Point Of View
Jason Nolan - Cantonese Dream
Foyer Red - Big Paws
Juleser - Adelaide
Wa'el, Max Koste - All You Want to Do Is Love
Runners Club 95 - Somebody Like You
The True Spacemen - Schweigen
Salarymen - Echoes
Cathedral Bells - Better Half
No Lights - Sparrows
Eyedress - Escape From The Killer 1994
Hnry Flwr - Cathedral of the Pines
Dog Walk - Another Year
Coolhand Jax - The Matinee
Mid - 3 Minutes To Fenway
gobillist - Walk It Off
Ryan Gebhardt - the engine that surely could
Today Junior - See You Again
Vulpix - Red Moon
Good Wilson - Plenty
Tommy P - Like They All Did
Nature TV - Illusions
Aaron Joseph Russo - Good News
vhs sports - g i r l s
Ethan Tasch - Face Again
Cathedral Bells - Everything at Once
Sea Lemon - Cellar
Det Metra - Crazy Daisy
Andrew kamen - All At Once
De-Esser - Mercy
MORE&MORE - Can't You See That I Tried?
Miicah - No Scars
Inwards - Tunnel
Ruby - Princess
Greg Mendez - Maria
Astrachan - Longtime
Chelsea Days - Everglow
Serf - Speak Ill
Peter Dallas, Eol - The Devil I Know
Oddnesse - The Chills
commander commander - off-white glove
Burnt Sugar - Disguise
Flat Pop - Another Chance
Buck Raines - Tinnitus!
Love Seats - through
Ian Frandsen - House on fire
Grazer - The Lonely Example
GoodkidVik - LADY
Mokina - on s'en fou
Wine Pride - Lone Flyer
Smokey Cake - I Wanna See Ya
Jumpball, W. B. Wooten - Giving Up Feels Good (feat. W. B. Wooten)
Camp Blu - Dirty Vice
Being Dead - Daydream
Handshake - Far From The Sun

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