Courrier Sud - Solita
Speelburg - Be Yourself
Zebra Troop - Dopamine
Jaxyn Lethe - So Much Cooler
Phantom Youth - Promises
Andy Shauf - Telephone
Banzai Florist - Dayshift
Clear Coast - Phonecall
Rozi Plain - Painted the Room
Biig Piig - Ghosting
JW Francis - Dream Big
Credit Electric - archetype
Bungalow - Bloom
Kyrill - Blue
Jadu Heart - Derealisation
James Casper - Work it out
Sivu - Wild Horse Running
SOLON - Lover
Tennis - Let's Make a Mistake Tonight
Ben Burroughs - A New World
Zach Schimpf - Where the Weeds Don't Grow
Dog Walk - Same Old Jam
Savagery - Laughter
JW Francis - Going Home to a Party
Temples - Gamma Rays
Zach Schimpf - Neptune
Paper Lady - Five of Swords
Glom - Energy
Lino City - Disco
Tagua Tagua - Colors
Michael B Thomas - Team Leader
Stay Lunar - I Like It When You're Around
Hollow Hand - All My Love
Bummer Daze - Reflections
Indigo - Off My Feet
Lex - manifesto
Kate Bollinger - J'aime les filles
Tennis - Forbidden Doors
EVNTYD - Black Hills
Roller Derby - Always on My Mind
Anima! - An Old Tune
Oracle Sisters - Tramp Like You
Juke the Tiger - The Past Keeps Knockin' On My Door
tobasco boy - sunbleach
Tarantula Tapes - Station One
BOYO - NPC Divorce
Bridal Party - Baby Anymore
Amor Amor - Can I Go Away
vhs ghost - who cares?
Steady Holiday - The Balance
Indigo - December
LaVeda - Clean
Dog Walk - To Be Yours
Lonely Benson - The Old Days
thom.ko - Take A Seat
Bone Apple Tea - Spirit Released
Found Space - Shatter
Softly Softly - Pre-Determined
Fruit Junior - Poor Devil
Video Age - Love's One Look
The Moonjacks - Lemonade
Milk Jennings - Late Night (Alt)
Honeywhip - Kaleidoscoping
Royel Otis - I Wanna Dance With You
veronicavon - Good Girl
Chiiild, Lucky Daye - Good For Now
Swim Camp - Dougie (For Sharyl)
NOVA ONE - dangerous
June Rosewell - Apartment
Palms Psalm - D.G.a.F.
Ösla - Sandia
JW Francis - Keep It Cool, Steve
Woah - i don't want to die when i'm with you
Glom - The Future is a Cage
Bad Bad Hats - It Hurts (Demo)
Love Spells - Come Over And Love Me
Good Wilson - Undecided Changes
Kowloon - This Dream
Will the Whale - The Way
Billy Basement - Schemer
Renwick - Red Morning
PDA, Zenki - Penita
Will Lauzon - Open Sesame
Clay Orange - Nothing is Yours (Nothing Is Mine)
Tutankhamun - New Year's Resolution
Xinxin - In Perfect Time
Makeout City - Haunt
Niall Summerton - Wish You Could Speak
Ryan Gebhardt - For You to Keep
Tarantula Tapes - The Canyon
Orchid Mantis, surfgoth - time and space
Spaceland - Sweet Ocean
Floats - Stealing Turf from a Cowboy
Kelsey Magnuson - Put Me In Coach
Robin Kester - Infinity Song
Whose Rules - I Don't Care
Koleżanka - Cheers!
Hibou - June
Windows - Up All Night
Billy Basement - Long Way Home

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