The Voxes - Lost
Andrew kamen - Alone
Far Caspian - Attempt
Brothertiger - Arizona
Indigo - Doho
Holy Hive - Brooklyn Ferry
Yellow Days - Belong Together
Micra - After Dark
Work Wife - Plastic Windows
Werwe - Otherside
Emmett Kai - Juicy
Art School Girlfriend - Is It Light Where You Are
Slow Pulp - In Too Deep
Sipper - I Won!
Sir Chloe - Femme Fatale
LOMELI - Ego Dream
Goth Babe - Casita
Josephine Odhil - Be Your Better Self
The After Hours - Anytime
Jon Morrow - 1999
Basement Revolver - Transatlantic
Strawberry Guy - Sun Outside My Window
Nature TV - Summer Nights
Alex Siegel - Still Waiting
Far Caspian - Plans
Dirty Nice - Paint Your Nails Blue
Husbands - Liked to Party
Findlay - Life Is But A Dream
Swiss Portrait - Jackets
Scoobert Doobert - I'm an Idiot
Far Caspian - House
Tommy P - Good Day
HOMESHAKE - Feel Better
Bunni - Favorite Place
BeR - Dead Dear (Deer)
Blue Wilson - Come Back Soon
FirstWorld - Casanova
Sipper - bite
Some Sprouts - Better Off
Husbands - Ambi's Mom
Michael Seyer - A Good Fool
Magdalena Bay - You Lose!
Best Move - Without You
ZOO - What's There To Lose
Furrows - Wasteland
Peach Pit - Up Granville
Munya - Tonight Tonight
Nation of Language - This Fractured Mind
Shelter Boy, boy pablo - Terrace (feat. Boy Pablo)
Mystic Braves - Sundown
Phony Bedtime - Sundays
Old China - PVMT
Son Step - New Ears
Mother Sun - Mycelium
HOMESHAKE - Mindless
Steve Stout - Make You Mine
Club Silencio - Long Run
Pasta grows on trees - L'impression d'y passer
Orchid Mantis - light rays
Good Posture - Last Time
Sitcom - Kiss My Baby
Highschool - Jerry
Hovvdy - I Never Wanna Make You Sad
Mezzanine - I Need You so
Palo Sopraño, Fisherman Jo - Hillside (feat. Fisherman Jo)
Macky - hello, who is this?
Nik Brinkman - Halloween
Cruza - Groove Therapy
Andy Shauf - Green Glass
Boy Bjorn - France
Slow June - Exeter II
Devotions - Excess
Morning Silk - Don't Try Hard Enough
Atomic blue - Disco Baby
Craig Almquist - Destroy, Destroy, Destroy
Pleasure Plateau - Cortisol
Aaron Joseph Russo - City Sounds
Orchid Mantis - change your mind
The After Hours - Back Here Again
bb sway - Baby Wants Out of the City
Hand Habits - Aquamarine
Hector Gachan, Butter Bath - You'll Find Me, Beija Flor
The Dead Moths - Wild Birds
Ryan Bourne - Wasted World
Sam Evian - Time to Melt
Sleepy Soul - Tandem
Nick Waters - Synthetic Carnival
Vlad Holiday - Skinny Dipping
Kate Bollinger - Shadows
Yum Yuck - Selfish Lovers
The Convenience - Saturday’s Child
Pink Skies - Ride With Me
Black Marble - Preoccupation
T. Evann, Oscar Lang - Pointing the Finger
Whose Rules - Pieces
Phony Bedtime - Paul's Small Dilemma
pecq - Over and Over
JW Francis - Only With You
Charles Irwin - On the Floor
Mumble Tide - On My Deathbed There's A Full Page (You Don't Get To Read It)
Van Houten - Now and Then
Swim Camp - Melt
Murmur - Me & You
Mother Sun - Marbles
James Casper - Lost Touch
Oberhofer - Let It Go
Andy Shauf - Jaywalker
Heavy in Pocket - Into the Dust
Matt Maltese - Good Morning
French Cassettes - Good For It
Sexy Pigeon - Fuck Life, Let's Dance
Daniel Hats - Endless Summer
Yum Yuck - During The Heatwave
Marmalade Mountain - Drawing Circles on the Ground
Walter Sprig - Dog Dayz
Scuba Dvala - Anxious Eyes
Boy Scouts - A Lot to Ask

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