Tim Ayre - I Want It
Khruangbin - Time (You and I)
KennyHoopla - plastic door//
Kowloon - Paradise
Kip Nelson - Celebration
Widowspeak - Breadwinner
Adrian Prath - Wishes
Prince Innocence - Sadie & Maud
Pine Barons - Colette
Coco - One Time Villain
Josh Fudge - 7 in the Morning
Dad Shirt - Better With You
Mini Trees - Honestly
Mini Trees - Want Me To Stay
Tarantula Tapes - Death Rides a Horse
Discovery Zone - Dance II
Simen Mitlid - Birds
Nation of Language - Automobile
Joey Pecoraro - Hello Sun
Indigo Waves - Virtual Vacation
Mild Monk - Time Alone
Emmett Kai - Super Tangerine
Andrew Evan - Set Me Free
Mild Orange - First Taste
The Binary Marketing Show - Daydream (I Cannot)
Sweet Whirl - Weirdo
Little Kid - Losing
Feng Suave - Half-Moon Bag
Most Akin - Hourglass
Url - Bedroom Floor
Silver Liz - Microwave S'mores
Teenage Priest - Innocent
Alex Siegel - Beauty Fades
LA Priest - Beginning (Edit)
M A N E - || Catamaran ||
Vinyl Williams - Soft Soul
Mk.gee - Overtime (pt 1)
Deperuse - Jungle
Chloe Gallardo - Fool's Keeper
Bay Ledges - Cloud Vision
Marsandaras (M*A*R*S) - All This Time
Windows 96 - All the While
boy pablo - hey girl
Lawndry - Downhill
Bobby Sweet - priscilla’s charm and cigarette
Harmless - Notice Me
Loneborn - Loosen Up (Bed Scene Remix)
Tram Cops - Hometown
Reliant Tom - Cafeteria Believer
Jordana - I'll Take It Boring
Phoebe Bridgers - I See You
Sophie Meiers - as good as it gets
Kotomi - A Good Thing
Kid Gloves - Zurich
Lecx Stacy - Sonic Bloom
The Hails - Situations
Foster the People - Lamb's Wool
Vilde - Absentee
Secret Bad Boy - It Was Always Too Late
Japan, Man - I Like To Wait
Winter - Here I Am Existing
Small Forward - Delicate Days
Michigan Left - Faux Undertow
Berdnturtle - Cold Gate
Bdrmm - A Reason to Celebrate
Monad - September
Luke Prost - Knock
Gaspard Eden - Soft Power
Central Heat Exchange - Help Me Understand
Elga Flanger - W.T.K.U.B.L.
Lonely God - Sunday
Starchild & The New Romantic - Tape (feat. Toro y Moi)
RAC - Get A Life (ft. Instupendo)
Greta - Hydrogen
Small Forward - Bloodhounds
Cathedral Bells - Undertow
Dan Croll - So Dark
Pasta grows on trees - Slow avec toi
Parking Lot - lately
Blondmodel - I Just Want to Feel Something
SoKo - Blasphémie
Okey Dokey - Better off Alone
Ex Olympic - Spinning Bottle (ft. Roxy Caroline)
Selfsteam - Alas
Nick Waters - Windy Blue
Teenage Wildlife - What's Your Name Again?
Sure Sure - What Were We Doing If We Weren't In Love?
Modern Nomad - Tonight
Jaguar Sun - Those Days
Katy Kirby - Tap Twice
Will Lauzon - Socks
Shimmertraps - Shutter View
Tipling Rock - Karma
The Montreals - Horror Movies
Karl Fitzgerald - Hoodrat
Mauv - Goodbye Friend
Doud - Full Time Baby
girlpuppy - For You
Varsity - Fine Forever
Mystic Seers - Devil Woman
Divorce Court - Desolc Tuo
Treasure - Déjà Vu (ft. Modern Nomad)
Cotillon - Cruiser
DRENS - I Can Barely See
Dude Low - Purezza
Butter Bath - You and Me
Ruru - I Forgot
Stephan - dance around the room
r4g3 - sunshine (prod. fantom)
Sylvie Cox - Matter of Time
Banzai Florist - Hyper-Reality TV
Mamalarky - How to Say
Bed Scene - Honeymoon
Sipper - Have Fun
Dirty Nice - My Dead End Self
The Humble Cheaters - Something from That World
Andrew kamen - Honey
Alec Gaston - What Doesn't Kill You Gives You Cancer
Soap - Play at 1 A.M.
Sipper - Kid
TEEN BLUSH - Drive Me Wild
Tafai - Red Blouse
Simon John - Feel Better
Astro Heart - Dear (ft. Stanley)
Alec Gaston - Waiting Tables
Pure X - Middle America
Shrimp Eyes - Straight Up
Doud - Baby
Sports - Tell You Something
Wes Park - Someday (ft. Harry Teardrop)
Den-Mate - It'll All Come Back
cbarrgs - Fall
Pasta grows on trees - Encore merdé
Internet Girl - Die In LA
Jane Migraine - Bags (Clairo cover)
Psychic Markers - Baby It's Time
damian. - Wouldn't Change a Thing
Mirth Jones - We'll Stop When We're Dead
Photay - Is It Right?
Pax - I'm Not Around (ft. Kate Bollinger)
18pm - Control
Doter Sweetly - Baby Boy
Soybomb - Breakfast In Bed
Zach Schimpf - Diary
daniel downing - texas weather
Lucys - I know it will end, but I don't want to let go

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