Tennis - Need Your Love
Whethan - Stay Forever (feat. STRFKR)
Mint Julep - Stray Fantasies
Tennis - How To Forgive
Husbands - Manhorse
Addy Edward - Barking Answers
Caroline Rose - Feel The Way I Want
POLIÇA - Sea Without Blue
Hank Midnight - Nothing
Pool House - Not Enough
Altadore - Noel in the Garden
Andy Shauf - Neon Skyline
Tummyache - Machine
Westerman - Blue Comanche
Tommy Newport - Someone Like Me
Jordann - Poll Line
Hanging Valleys - Behind the Backs of Houses
Jadu Heart - Another Life
Parks, Squares, Alleys - Мёртвый сезон (ft. луни ана)
Yot Club - The Bay
Deeper - This Heat
Stevie Zita - Romanticize
Yumi Zouma - Cool For A Second
Vundabar - Burned Off
James Supercave - Never Happened
SoKo - Being Sad Is Not a Crime
Real Estate - Paper Cup (ft. Sylvan Esso)
Banzai Florist - Love Me Back, Clairo
Anton Fernandez - what now
Peach Pit - Shampoo Bottles
Worn-Tin - Bitter
Arthur - I Don't Want To Talk To You
Wyatt Smith - Elated
Wild Nothing - Dizziness
DISQ - Daily Routine
Margot - Man Love
JW Francis - Gold
Johnny Goth - The Better Place
Sister Bliss - Night Terrors
Sugarloaf Beach - Casablanca
Mura Masa - Today (ft. Tirzah)
Toth - Juliette
Oproer - Blind Luck
Hazel English - Off My Mind
Wild Nothing - Sleight of Hand
Oscar Lang - Flowers
Astro Heart - The Orchard
Ivan Limes - On the Rocks
Anamoe Drive - Goodbye & Goodluck
Strange Weekend - Something Topical
Karl Fitzgerald - Scatter Brain
Stray Fossa - Are You Gonna Be Okay
Ultracrush - Leave
CASTLEBEAT - 80's High School
Pet Shimmers - Super Natural Teeth
Mercury Slim - Fade to Blue
yungatita - Indie Dream Boy
Jacks Haupt - EXOTICA (prod. beatsinmybackpack)
Moaning - Ego
Porches - Do U Wanna
LA Priest - What Moves
Pet Shimmers - Tyson
Lazarus Motel - The Witching Hour
Weird Dreams - The Ladder
Jaguar Sun - The Heart
Sun June - Terrified
Ferdous - Overdrive
Couch Prints - Of Drawing
Sipper - O.K.
Jamie Isaac - Made (ft. NOSAJ THING)
The Sufis - David
Altopalo - Honey
Draag - Trauma Kit
TEEN BLUSH - Graveyard Girl
Majak Door - Daisies
s. lyre - swimming lessons
Killkiyoshi - Pastel Blonde
Caramel - Still There
The Hazy Seas - Marquis' BBQ
Bowl Frizell - Leave Me a Line (ft. Christof Bedé)
Orion Sun - Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me)
Nap Eyes - Mark Zuckerberg
Tops - I Feel Alive
Esmé Patterson - Shelby Tell Me Everything
Mcbaise - Lait De Tigre
CHANNO - Underwater Heart (ft. Luchii)
Emperor X - Sad React
Marsandaras (M*A*R*S) - Que Coisa Linda, Que Coisa Louca
Malena Zavala - I'm Leaving Home
Mamalarky - Fury
youbet - Volcano
St Francis Hotel - Milkshake (ft. Portugal. The Man)
Huron John - Maple Syrup Tears
Easy Life - LS6
Bedroom - Gulf
Slow Mass - I'll Wait With You
Loving - Only She Knows
Mother Sun - Sucralose
Lounge FM - See U Sad
Fox Academy - Get Along
Swede and Skogen - Lovely (A Tribute to Her's)

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