argonaut&wasp - Monacillo
JORDANN - Business Solutions
Hibou - Inside Illumination
Yumi Zouma - Bruise
Vilde - Oh What A Mess You've Got Yourselves Into
Tender Tones - In Dreamed Lives
Kuba Spencer - Yellow Moon
Tōth - Down for the Count
Far Caspian - Astoria
xOxford - Be Yours
Yot Club - Fly Out West
Honeycraft - Inside
The Harmaleighs - Don't Panic
A Beacon School - Fade in Nylon
Vanishing Twin - Magician Success
beabadoobee - disappear
Goth Babe - Lnly 2017
Mindchatter - Just Gonna Exist
Fake Dad - Can U B My Home?
The Careful Ones - Dance With Me (How Come You Never)
Cohoba - Jugo
Chasing Daze - Summer
RF Shannon - Wild Rose Pass
Mansell - Good Form
Fog Lake - Oh My God
LEISURE - Too Much Of A Good Thing
chin the kid - hey ya underwater (outkast cover)
BUHU - La Truth (PARKSZ Remix)
Teenage Priest - Make You Better
Yuno - Sunlight
Jordan Klassen - Virtuous Circle
House Fire - Balletomane
Blonder - Long Way to Go
Erin Rae - Putting On Airs
Benjamin Lazar Davis - A Love Song Seven Ways
Huron John - Little League
T. Soomian - Caught a Feeling
Kainalu - kamikaze mushroom palace (1/2 tape @ 7.5 ips)
Men I Trust - Norton Commander (All We Need)
Sure Sure - What's It Like?
Birgitta Alida - When I'm With You
Lev Snowe - In a Few
FLOOR CRY - Swimming Team
Angela Aux - Killer Kid
Alfie Templeman - Sunday Morning Cereal
Hugo Cottu - For All I Know
Joni - Airy
Mackenzie Leighton - After All
Doug Tuttle - Did You Need Someone
Lisel - Digital Light Field
Goldensuns - Shook
Cutouts - Thirst
Boerd - It Fades Away
Pastel Coast - Vacation
Say Yes Dog - Golden Nights
Lo Noom - Starburst Smile
Blain Cunneen - Feelin' Kinda Fragile
Wasuremono - Self-Help
girl in red - dead girl in the pool
moonweather - Best Friends
Babies' Brothers - Brother Brian
Runnner - Frame
Torn Palk - Juliana
Pasta Grows on Trees - Les Oiseaux
Lyfe Indoors - No Answer
Haiva Ru - Slow
Baseball Gregg - The Movies (feat. Pecas & William Corduroy)
Molly Sarlé - This Close
Baseball Gregg - Hong Kong Hike
Fell Runner - Dog Inside A Car
Mini Trees - Spill
sisyfuss - twist u up (my words)
So Sensitive - What's a Girl to Do?
Bedroom - Count to Five
Horsebeach - Dreaming
fern - 5 A.M. at the Moxy (ft. Blue K)
Sam Florian - Youth Pt. 2
James Swanberg - It's No Wonder We're In Love
Inner Wave - Mushroom
Ari Roar - Change All The Words
Crumb - Fall Down
AcidSlop - Lament for the Sky
Ed Mount - Left My Heart
Selmer - Thinkin' Freely
Drobakid - Squid
Losing Louise - For The Better
Damian. - Bad Apple
sisyfuss - blue red room
A.C Freazy - The Other Side
Gabriel Zelaya - Your My Life
Kate Bollinger - Untitled
Steve Lacy - Playground
yot club - u kno what i mean?
Loving - Nihilist Kite Flyer
Simen Mitlid - Trying
The Babe Rainbow - Something New
RealLiveAnimals - Dead Skin (Ft. Mustard Service)
Ari Roar - Too Dumb
Dehd - Happy Again
Tory Falls - Happy People
Palo Sopraño - High Tide
Rocco Bunko - Drunk
Oscilla - No Reason
Angela Aux - Wanna Be A Woman
Bucolic - Earth Tones
Cody Ash - Haunted House
Pro Teens - Anybody's Baby
Ethan Kerr - Pink Eye
Wovoka Gentle - XERXES '19 (ft. KIDS CLUB KAMPALA CHOIR)
dahlia - paris, texas
johnny goth - You Are The Reason
Divino Niño - Melty Caramelo
Brigt - Untitled
Gregory Ackerman - Cooler Heads (ft. Keenan McDaniel)
Jachary - Raincheck
Di Ivories - There Is a Reason (Firstworld Remix)
JW Francis - Too Fast
Jwalttz - VCR
Dream, Ivory - Wedding Crasher
Oh, Yes - Expectations
Kimbo Nice - J-Wavey
snacktoast - Past Tense
Ice Cream Boy - Ice Cream Boy
Stanley - Right Hand Blue
Trey Boyte - Intent
Jettes - Traces
Lucky Boy^ - Turn Off That Light
Stephan Looney - Still Got You

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