Wild Nothing - Blue Wings
Stray Fossa - Swells
Far Caspian - Conversations
Tourist - Emily
Daste - Sober
Shadowgraphs - Before the Time
Cathedral Bells - Ethereal Shadow
Fishing in Japan - Only on the Weekends
Tim Atlas - Dizzy
Bayonne - Drastic Measures
Remi Wolf - Guy
Saeyers - Cruise
Westfalia - Most the Year
AB001 - Beauty Sleep
Grizfolk - Heavy Crown
Margot - Coffee Stained Scars
Pink $ock - Circular Motion
Andrew Goldring - Coal Harbour (Brand New Life)
Winetasting - cold calls (demo)
yot club - blow fish
Current Blue - Daytrip
Detective Deckard - polaroid smmr
George Moir - Blame
digigurl - acid rain drops
moonweather - Until Later
Sure Sure - Warm Animal
Berdmajik - Circles
rosebud - dreamer kid (prod. CRCL)
freddyboy - alright
Delsbo Beach Club - Every Hour
Los Retros - Friends
Crane Like The Bird - Mendocino (feat. Luke Steele)
Camarano - When I Had Infinity
Dark Tape - Passing By
Pavo Pavo - Close to Your Ego
Samia - Lasting Friend
Josh Augustin - Maya & John
Sunnbrella - Flyby
lounge FM - Act This Way (这样做)
Keagan Beresford - Cant Be What I'm Not
Maybird - Don't Keep Me Around
Astronaut Husband - Dream Crash
urbanation - face wants
Imugi 이무기 - Greensmoke
MUNYA - It's All About You
Deaton Chris Anthony - Mr. Call You Back (Ft. Triathalon)
Stella Donnelly - Old Man
Two People - Phone Call
TOLEDO - Qué Pasa
Birch - Spelling Lessons
CASTLEBEAT - Telephone (feat. sonia gadhia)
Pleasure Nature - Window Eyes (feat. Pawn)
Sports Boyfriend - Fear of God
Girlpool - Pretty
Baseball Gregg - Toursong
Marsandaras(M*A*R*S) - Waste Ur Time
yot club - if u noticed
Soybomb - Cold Light
Okey Dokey - Whose Heart
Quality Cable - Drowned Out
Husbands - Neuromancer
Maple & Beech - Side-Eye
Hot Flash Heat Wave - Sky So Blue
Clarence James - I Think It Might Be Hell
Pet Shimmers - Persona Party
banzai florist - real life
Sophie Meiers - Day by Day / Box of Cards
Mellow Casualty - Mannequins
Banana Cream - We'll Shine
BOYO - House/Home
johnny goth - I'm OK
Oro Swimming Hour - Martial Arts Washing Cars
Bloom - Leviathan
Golden Daze - Took a Fall
Goth Babe - Weekend Friend
Henry Nowhere - Weighing On Me
Ornament - Better Saturday
Simen Mitlid - Saturdays
katie smith - get through the night (prod. Wes Park)
Mouse Trap - Falling in Love
Los Retros - Room Gloom
Daragh - What The Hell is Wrong With Me
boy scouts - Kite
Ernest Rareberrg - Tearing me apart
Daniel Downing - Daydream
Gregory Ackerman - Dreams (I Don't Know If I'll Ever See Her Again)
Walden - Friends Are OK
Brandon hoogenboom - Lookin' For Love
Coral Pink - School Boy
MMBLR - That Breeze
BatWhaleDragon - The Sweet Smell Of Bridges Burnt
nudista - Masters of the Universe
Gus Dapperton - My Favorite Fish
yushi - interim
Bucolic - Living Under
COMPs - Out of Bounds
family reunion - See You
Michael Seyer - The Day I Wanted To Die
namurachi - Come With Me To Infinity
Oracle Sisters - I'm You
TOY - Mechanism
Helado Negro - Please Won't Please
Yot Club - Faded
Fort Jams - Far Out
Lowertown - George
Laure Briard - Kooky Sun
High Sunn - Need Your Comfort
ROOM - Purple Skies
Lala Lala & WHY? - Siren 042
Worn-tin - Forget It
Anemone - Memory Lane
ooi - Tooth
Rina Mushonga - For A Fool
Romulus Wolf - hold on, sweet thing
yot club - no way !
Brandon Hoogenboom - You Don't Know Me
Homeshake - Just Like My
Madge - No Good Broke
urbanation - not your friend
Noodle House - Til' The End
Mid March - Hypocrite
Girl In Red - watch you sleep.
Cam Maclean - New Jerusalem
Karl Fitzgerald - Out of My Skin
Jesus Noris - Slow Caffeine (ft. rin)
Daniel Downing - Special
Ex Okays - Involvement
Collectors Item - From a Seed
Dear Japan - Hollow Hearted Hands
Dorvin Borman - In a Field So Far Away
Maddie Jay - Little Love
Day Joy - Not Anymore
niko rose - oh my bad
Instupendo - Persona
Zach Schimpf - Prisoner of Nothing
tough boy - sleeves
Emmett Kai - Sunday
hexmum - tonight you belong to me
Pole Siblings - Weekend Visit
Temporex - Tournament Hill
mellow fellow - yours alone
My Friend Alan - Best Friend
Small Forward - Kind of Funny
Julian Bolanos - l o s e r. (Prod.cmedina)
geia - peach beach (ft. daniel the guy)

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