Tycho - Horizon
Miniature Tigers - Pictures of You
Austra - Utopia
Many Voices Speak - Away For All Time
Geowulf - Don't Talk About You
isle&fever - Keep On (Bay Ledges Remix)
Bam Spacey - Avstand Och Skog
Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis Feat. Kaiydo (Memoryy Remix)
Bodebrixen - Change It Back
Magana - Inches Apart
Christine and the Queens - Saint Claude (Tourist Remix)
Von Sell - Ivan (Revisited)
THE NINJAS - Morphine
infinitefreefall - Beautiful People
-ness - The Fisherman
Ice Choir - Windsurf
Black Marble - Woods
VedeTT - Temple
castmusic - gold
J&L Defer - Hard Fiction Road
Wy - Nobody Else
Mïrändä - Cruel 2 B Kind
Ardency - Blurred City (feat. ICELANDIA)
Miniature Tigers - Nobody Else
Tulpa - Gnats (Ft. BLANKTS)
Year Of Suns - Hard To Forget
PLAZA - Youth
Madame Gandhi - Yellow Sea
Max Future - Till You Let Go
Jillian & The Giants - Mr. Airplane
Creature People - West Cozy
Wuh Oh - Saxy Beast
Circles/Waves - Inside Out
Hazel English - Make It Better
Sun Cop - Golden Son (ft. Cadien Lake James)
I Know Leopard - Rather Be Lonely
Porcelain Raft - Distant Shore
Sasha & The Bear - See Me As I Am
Hajk - Magazine
Vessels - Had a Love (feat. Anna of the North)
Chelou - Halfway to Nowhere
Cooler - Metal Moths
Fraternal Twin - Big Dipper
My Body - Mood
Petite League - Hiccups (Ft. Jamie Brooks)
Instupendo - Light Lock
Blank Banshee - Frozen Flame
Francobollo - Wonderful
Holiday Ghosts - Paranoia
Mons Vi - Want!
Dama Scout - Forget It's Good
Echo Ladies - Close To Be Close To Me
Social Skills - Hyperactive
Cosmonauts - Doom Generation
Skylar Spence - Faithfully
Organised Scum - The Rare Gift of Healing
Steep Leans - Books End
Kid Flicks - Whirling Dervish
Zach Schimpf - Following Beaver Falls Creek
No Middle Name - Television Soul
Crying - Children Of The Wind
Rick Alvin - Searcher
JAUNT - Make No Doubt
Fishdoll - TOE
BOYO - Entertainment
Boon - Your Weight
Haunted Tiger - Tele4Me
VVOES - Arsonist of Hearts
WILOUGH - November 9th
Leapling - Tunnelvision
Hater - Mental Haven
LOVING - She Refused To Say
The Money War - Recall
Yellow Days - Your Hands Holding Mine
Misty Coast - Funny World
twig twig - Little Tough
Splashh - Rings
American Wrestlers - Hello, Dear
Mozart's Sister - Eternally Girl (Kane West Remix)
HINDS - Holograma
Kero Kero Bonito - Waking Up
Hudson Glover - Hesh Kids
wwoman - New Ferments
Prospect Lux - Black Electrical
The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Even Though I Don't Deserve It/Valentine's Day
Fossil Jane - saturday(umm)
Julsy - Ah
Captain Morris - White Girl
mARQUIS cOMPRESSOR - Late Train 2 Marquis On C
Emily Reo - Spell
Reptaliens - Nunya
Felicita - Coughing Up Pearls

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