alt-J - Fitzpleasure
Elvis Depressedly - A Bible in a Bath of Bleach
Absofacto - On a Ladder Leading Nowhere
Passenger - Feather On the Clyde
Bear In Heaven - Kiss Me Crazy
So Many Wizards - Lose Your Mind
Silver Swans - Actual Pain
House Of Wolves - Ageless
Mesita - Everything Is Burning
Paul Stewart - Glass Skull
Jordan Klassen - Go To Me
Young Empires - Let You Sleep Tonight
Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr Quiche
Rhye - Open
Porcelain Raft - Put Me To Sleep
Bravestation - Signs Of The Civilized
Beat Culture - Belong (ft. Steffaloo)
Oberhofer - Cruisin' FDR
Teeel - Crystal Lake
Germany Germany - Disconnect (ft. Steffaloo)
Princeton - Florida
Deer Tick - Main Street (Acoustic)
Bright Moments - Milwaukee
Jonquil - Run
The Shins - September
Light Asylum - Shallow Tears
Tear Talk - Sleepwalking
HAPPY TRENDY - Sweaty Palms and Allergic to Cats
Triathalon - Teenager
Slow Club - The Dog
Geographer - The Myth Of Youth
Stourt Cortez - Berliner
Lee Tesche - Black Eunuch
Teen Daze - Brooklyn Sunburn
Gemini Club - By Surprise
Dana Buoy - Call To Be
Ganglians - Close Encounters
Bedroom - Concrete
Twin Cabins - Cool Kids
Yellow Ostrich - Daughter
Auditorium - Did Your Heart Shake Like This Song?
Allosaurus - Emma-Jane
Yes Nice - Empty Spaces (Oh No! Yoko Remix)
Lotus Plaza - Eveningness
Eli Mardock - Everything Happens for the First Time
Young Heel - Falls
Seabright - for icy
yus - girls
Oliver Tank & Rainbow Chan - Golden Feat. Pétur Ben (Oliver Tank Remix)
teen suicide - haunt me (x 3)
Galapagos - I Am My Love
Bahamas - I Got You Babe
Ruddyp - I Want U
Beach Fossils - Lessons
MPSO - Let Go/Falling
Here We Go Magic - Make Up Your Mind
Campfires - Melted Rubber Soul
Pond - Moth Wings
Capybara - Neighbor Crimes
Lauren Green - Quilts
AIRCRAFT - River Coma
School of Seven Bells - Show Me Love
The Sea Life - Sleep
Ramona Falls - Spore
Moonface - Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips
Andrew Bird - The Crown Salesman
Dreamend - The Face on the Tintype
GUIDES - Twentieth Century Science
Zulu Winter - We Should Be Swimming
Cow Parade Cow - Weiro Show
Inspired & the Sleep - What I Want and What I Need
Glass Cake - Window
Damien Jurado - Working Titles
Foe - Bad Dream Hotline
La Sera - Break My Heart
Soft Swells - Don't Cut It Off
Allah Mode - Dripping Gold
Bears - Eleven a.m.
Zammuto - Groan Man, Don't Cry
LUM - Halfway In
Mint Julep - I Never Wanted You (Headphones Cover)
Active Child - Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix)
Gremlins - JonBenét
Bearfoot Beware - Lemon Curd
Kodak To Graph - Lo Lindora
American Royalty - Matchstick
Roman Ruins - Mother's Day
Gorgeous Bully - Never Cry
Colleen Green - Nice Boy (I Want A)
Pandercakes - Paint By Numbers
Tango In The Attic - Paw Prints
Cliff Dweller - Perch Verdad (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)
BeachesBeaches - Ready Now
Montage Populaire - Reject Reinstall
Young Prisms - Runner
Young Magic - Sanctuary
Yalls - Settle Down
Fanfarlo - Shiny Things (Yeasayer Remix)
SHAPES - Some Folk Song in D (Nevermind)
Robert Hallin - Sparks
André - Still, Soft, Angle
Fort Lean - Sunsick
Ben Varian - Surrounded By Beards
Big Deal - Talk
Fredrik - The Shape and Colour of Things Gone Blind (MAB III Remix)
David's Lyre - This I Know
Reid - Ver
Adventure Galley - Weekend Lovers
Bad Weather California - When You Smile
Hunx - When You're Gone
J R G - Why Are You Always In My Dreams?
Red Alder - Winterdress
Unicycle Loves You - Wow Wave Cinema

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