Geographer - Age of Consent (New Order)
Coma Cinema - Caroline, Please Kill Me
Beach Fossils - Distance
Bear Hands - Tablasaurus
Wild Nothing - Take Me In
Brothertiger - A House of Many Ghosts
Bikini - ACheerlaeder
Yellow Ostrich - Hate Me Soon
Oberhofer - Smylez
Wise Blood - SOLO (4 CLAIRE)
Memoryhouse - Caregiver
The Lumineers - Elouise
Flight - Goodbye Horses
Mean Lady - Indian Sun
Hurricane Bells - Into the Ocean (Blue October cover)
Grimes - My Sister Says The Saddest Things
Cloudy Busey - Pound Your Town to Hell
Old Arc - Queen of Dusk
teamABC - Tangled (Your Bones)
Houses - All Night
Apache Beat - Another Day (Blood Diamonds remix)
Lovers - Barnacle
Abel - Boogie Nights
Dirty Gold - California Sunrise
Germany Germany - Electric
Star Slinger - Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework)
Spook Houses - Family Plot
Born Ruffians - First Date Kid
A.P. Witomski - Holger Danske
Young Man - Home Alone
TV Girl - If You Want It (You Got It)
Kurt Vile - In My Time
Magenta Skycode - Kipling
Selebrities - Move This
Optimist Park - Oh, Father.
Glowbug - Paris
Swamp Baby - Seeing Stars
Hammocks and Honey - Simple Things
Young Hunting - sonata
Teen Daze - Starscream Dream
Onra - The Anthem
de Montevert - The Ghost
Hungry Kids Of Hungary - The Vacationer
FPRF - This Is What We Talk About
Memory Screen - Treehorse
The Conduits - Up and Down
Museum of Bellas Artes - Watch The Glow
Botany - Waterparker
Plastic Flowers - We Just Had More Fun
Mount Righteous - We're All Going Crazy
US English - What Frontier
Andrew Cedermark - Why We Exist
Dada Trash Collage - Worlds Fair 1964
Frontier(s) - Young Lives
Sun Airway - American West
Fotos - Angst
NazcarNation - Beeswax (unouomedude remix)
Blue Hawaii - Blue Gowns
Seeing Suge - Breaking
Millionyoung - Calrissian
Antonio Paul - City Dreams
Weed - Cody Girl
Weekend - Coma Summer
Cursed Kids - Eugene
The Phantom Band - Everybody Knows It's True
Herrek - Exile
Royal Canoe - Exodus of the Year
Keith Canisius - First Tambourine Love
Sing Leaf - Generation Ship
Le Futur Pompiste - Girls Of Those Days
Seas-Of-Green - Goodbye Earth
Ladycop - I Felt Just Like Anybody Else
Woodsman - Insects
Banjo Or Freakout - Is That All?
The Delfields - Justine
D'eon - Kill A Man with a Joystick
Hooded Fang - Laughing
Blackbird Blackbird - Little Respect
Avey Tare - Lucky 1
Loch Awe - Lullaby from a Digital Sea
Mermaids - Make Believe
BAMBARA - Modern Love (David Bowie)
Kid Canaveral - On Occasion
Gauntlet Hair - Out, Don't..
Milk White White Teeth - Part I - The Son
Fox Hands - Peoplenoswan
Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Ponderosa White
Baths - Pop Song
Pomegranates - Prouncer
RadioSeed - Raspberry Cream Dream
Total Warr - Seasidal Tendencies
Keepaway - Sideways Smile
Omae - Stay, Lay
Arctic Death - Stolen
The Go! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O.
Secret Knives - The Garden
That Summer - The Hues of You
Kickball - The Opposite
Love Lake - Things U Did
Micah Smith and mirF - Touch [Prod. Micah]
Kruxe - Tremors
Soft Cat - When My Brother Reaches Me

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