Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks
Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
GOBBLE GOBBLE - Where is My Mind? (Pixies Blasphemy)
Two Door Cinema Club - Costume Party
Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Toro Y Moi - Leave Everywhere
GOBBLE GOBBLE - Seizure to the Metronome
Born Ruffians - What To Say
William Fitzsimmons - You Still Hurt Me (feat. The Great Neck South High School Choir)
Grande Roses - A Place To Love
Tobias Fröberg - Baby! Baby! Baby!
Operator Please - Back and Forth
Mesita - Living/Breathing
Ratatat - Bare Feast
Dana Falconberry - Crooked River
Menomena - Dirty Cartoons
Tokyo Police Club - Favourite Food
Miniature Tigers - Gold Skull
The Powder Kegs - La Mariposa
King Charles - Love Lust
Wavves - Mickey Mouse
Beach Fossils - Sometimes
Opus Orange - The World Is Spinning
Airship - Algebra
Taken by Trees - Anna (CFCF Remix)
Frends - Average Camps
Blithe Field - Bible School
Wild Nothing - Bored Games
The One AM Radio - Credible Threats
Magic Man - Darling (Reprise)
Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
Best Coast - Far Away
Pop Winds - Feel It
The Love Language - Heart to Tell
Ideals - Lungs
Faded Paper Figures - Invent It All Again
Wild Moccasins - Late Night Television
Driftless Pony Club - Legends Of Archery
Caddywhompus - Let The Water Hit The Floor
The Cutaway - Never Been Alone
Hey Hey My My - Oh Lord!
Redtrack - Perfectly Fine Intellectual
The First Ladies - Pocket Jokers
Sun Airway - Put the Days Away
James Yuill - Ray Gun
Who Knew - Sharpen The Knife
Bearfoot Beware - The Love Life of Trevor Bennett
Wolf Parade - What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)
Avi buffalo - What's In It For?
Rio Blanco - Wild Doves
Elsinore - Yes Yes Yes (Eric Enger Remix)
Look Mexico - You Stay. I Go. No Following.
Jamie Long - Aquarium
Three Blind Wolves - Black Bowl Park
Anni Rossi - Crushing Limbs
The Dead Weather - Die By the Drop
Bromheads - Fan of the Vagrants
Castledoor - Flashlight
Bicycle Voice - Freshman
Hot Club de Paris - Fuck You, The Truth!
The Darcys - House Built Around Your Voice
Moving Castles - Hush My Bones
The Darchives - I Do Believe I Saw Stars
unouomedude - Island Summer
Highspire - It Disappears
Tremor Low - Lead Balloon
The Hoof & The Heel - Let's Hangout
Dom - Living In America
Snowglobe - Love
I Am The Dot - Mark Twain
Gift Horse - Missionaries
Hark The Herons - New Start To Start
Teen Daze - New Theory (Washed Out cover)
The Acorn - No Ghost
Timo Räisänen - Numbers
Light Pollution - Oh, Ivory!
Coltrane Motion - Only Again
Blunt Mechanic - Our First Brains
Parades - Past Lives
Uniform Motion - Roll Over
Suckers - Roman Candles
Matt Van Schie - Saturday Night
Vampire Hands - Shine On
Teen Daze - Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
Sunvisor - Sky Dive
Gold Sounds - So It Goes
Sunglasses - Stand Fast
BRONZE - Sunny Day
Mock & Toof - Suppress Your Feelings
Rat Vs Possum - Temple
Modern Rivals - The Accidental
Pallers - The Kiss
Double Me - The Way of the World
Hjaltalín - Traffic Music
Fractal Farm - Walking
A Lull - Weapons For War
Palpitation - What If
Death In Plains - Whirlwind
Bearfoot. - Windowpane
Denuo - Wolf River
Male Bonding - Year's Not Long
Keepaway - Yellow Wings

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