Very pleased to announce that we will be working with Zach Schimpf to release his next album, Zach’s House of Holograms, on vinyl! We’ve been sharing Zach’s music for over five years now and couldn’t be more excited to release this next album through our new label, BIRP Records.

The vinyl, which is limited to 300 marble pink copies, will be available at the end of June but you can pre-order it here now. The digital release will be available a bit earlier on June 16th. View the track-listing, album art & hear the first single, Past Lives on the Range, below:

Zach Schimpf - Zach's House of Holograms

Zach's House of Holograms

01 House of Holograms
02 Past Lives on the Range
03 A-V-E-R-I-E
04 Vaff
05 Functional
06 Parade of Entities
07 Hibernation Mode
08 The Twilight Beckons
09 Chaos and The Little One
10 The Future is Shiny

[Pre-order Zach's House of Holograms]

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