Floor Cry - 1-800-Love
Brother. - Don't Worry
Human Barbie - Be Careful What You Wish For
MGMT - In The Afternoon
Twain - Death (or S.F.?)
Chris Laufman - As Long As You Love Me
Rosie Tucker - Gay Bar
Nutrients - Always In Bloom
The High Dials - My Dream Addiction
Breakup Films - I Felt Homesick
niña - heaven
COOL HEAT - Always On Time
yot club - this must be the place (talking heads cover)
Them Jones - Parts and Pieces
Yellow Dudes - Parking Spot
Varsity Star - Nightlight
Sadboi Simon - my ghost friend
Faire - Laisse Lucifer
Jaguar Sun - Forever and More
Slowdaze - Fallin'
Nolan Garrett - Every Year
Orange Anima - Dr. Silvia
the booyah! kids - Don't Trust Me
Dagmar Vork - Doesn't Hurt at All
Lev Snowe - Dim Light
Leopard Tuesday - Call It a Night
Bonus - Bathlight
The Hidden Shelf - Absolutely Nothing
Caribou - You and I
Louis Claffey - Such a Shame
Yaehsun - Show Me How to Love
darling kaye - Pick-up Game
Modesta - Opus
Rip Florence - Mumbling Rita
Discus - Marco
ØZWALD - Lies in Disguise
Margot - In Your Palm
BOYO - I Told You
Jordann - I Revel in You
Spookyghostboy - Hello It's Me
T. Evann - Give (Take)
Foxes In Fiction - Flashling Lights Have Ended Now
Yuko Yokio - Faux Soul
killkiyoshi - Drip Drop
Dearly Somber - Drain the Pool
Baseball Gregg - Decade Ender
BEA1991 - Yu York
Saintseneca - Winter Breaking
nic and reuben - Windscreen Wiper
Emme - Wake
Kevin Sloan - The Good & Soulful Stuff
Kevin Krauter - Surprise
Luke Reed - Sarah
Bombay Bicycle Club - Racing Stripes
Low Perfection - next to you
Oberhofer - Miss Yr Face (ft. Harmony Tividad)
Loving - Lately In Another Time
Cindy Lee - Heavy Metal
choo - fool
Shangri-La Kids - East Saint James Street
Cbarrgs - Corazon Azul
Arverne - Comedown
nicholas Franchise - You Know You're Not Alright
volpestyle - without chew
Eyedress - Window Eyes (feat. Fazerdaze)
Rejoicer - Up in Flames
Di Ivories - There Is a Reason
B77 - The Dark Side
Nolan Garrett - The Camel
Golden - Sunburn
Julian Skiboat - Summertime
orchid mantis - straw dogs
maxime. - shruggie.
Sam Wave - Same Same
Rosalyn - Roxy
Adrian Prath - Reverse
joseph - put your head on my shoulder (Paul Anka Cover)
Dreamer Boy - Puppy Dog
Polycool - Panic System
Boy Bjorn - Out Loud
Kyson - One & Other
Modesta - Ode to the Peculiar
niko rose - no end
Baseball Gregg - Never Bored (feat. Jimmy Kraft & Mnngg)
Kevin Erlicher - Mutual Love
B.Visible - Leave Behind
Gram Ash - Just Like in School
Dopamine - Indubitably
Summer Salt - Fire Flower
Smalltalk - Feels

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