BUHU - La Truth

"La Truth" is a retrospective of Jeremy's guilt in being dishonest with his wife and the strains that keeping secrets can cause on a loving relationship. Originally released as a demo in May 2017, "La Truth" was the initial spark that inspired the opus which would become BUHU's debut studio album, Tenets. BUHU hits a galloping pace with “La Truth,” settling into a confident stride similar to some of the strongest synthgaze moments from Washed Out’s catalog. Here more than ever, Rogers leans unabashedly into the Melodyne bends of his vocal processing, laying plain his emotions without denying the synthetic tools of his trade.

Tenets releases worldwide 9/05/2018 on FMF Records. BUHU celebrates the release of their studio debut this September supporting Swedish synthpop artist Summer Heart on the Never Ending Summer Tour. Get tickets here.

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