Cale Hawkins - Deep Dream

Cale Hawkins creates music from a small, windowless room in Brooklyn. Hailing from Bemus Point, NY (population: 364), Hawkins has lived as a nomadic musician since 2012, touring, writing, and producing internationally with a wide array of artists and groups. His genre is best described as desperation.

Cale just sent his latest video our way and included this message with the track:

"Deep Dream is song about addiction. We all cope with addictions in one form or another; some addictions make us wish we could escape from it all, into a deep dream, one free from pain and suffering. However, the song is an open work – it's also about depression, heartbreak and insomnia, depending on the listener's interpretation. It's a cautionary tale about the dangers of receding into a deep dream, and the inevitable question of detachment: Am I better off than dead?"

More tracks are on the way as well. Cale is planning a new release every 2 months for the forseeable future, so keep an eye on his soundcloud / facebook.

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