Eades’ latests single “Same Guy” uses bollywood rhythms to tackle the foreboding of growing older. With a steady groove reminiscent of 90’s classic Loaded the band carry you through the track with sample-esque guitar riffs and and a pocketed percussion section, held together with their self produced lo-fi recording style.

“The song started out with a pair of riffs Dave had been working on inspired by Bollywood music in an attempt to force us down a different style sonically. Making us break away from a certain writing style that had become typical in the writing process of our first EP Then there was the chorus melody Dave brought forward and instantly I knew it was a keeper.”

“Its essentially a coming of age tune about realising eventually we’re all going to grow old, becoming either our parents or the oldies we might think are ‘uncool’ growing up and accepting we are all just part of the cycle.”

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