If recently you f****d something up. Or did something right-- always like me to start with the negatives. Or maybe you're just floating on by in the wake of this airy track...

Either way, you're a great person. Or at least a good person-- at the very least, simply a person. (sorry) But I want to remind you of how great you are-- or are not, the the case of the last scenario. Existence itself is suffering and survival despite extreme threats.

How is it that we continue on with this knowledge? Is it because the question always lingers? There always remains more if you know how to get at it.

I wonder if I would walk the earth eight times over and never learn a thing. I wonder if any of this makes sense. I hope it doesn't. 

It goes without saying that humans and their humanity exist at an odd imbalance, and most individuals seek to correct that imbalance in themselves, so they may lessen the suffering and strengthen their chance of survival.

We are weird things that do weird things. But it's just like us to do the things we do. 

The point is-- at least in my experience-- the only discernible meaning in life is to lessen the suffering of yourself and those you encounter. Some of us spend our lives running away from it, others embrace it, and still others, though fewer, devote their lives to it. 

No one makes you choose any of those options really or the myriad that exist in between the staple three. But in the end, the only chance at a truly meaningful life is the willful resistance against the root causes of suffering and pushing that mindset on a popular level.

The work's got to be done, but a re w e up 2 i t  ?

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