Hermit Thrushes - You're Gone, You're Gone
QTM - Wooden Jetty
blithe field - Wisconsin
Ghost Heart - Wilderness
Oh No Oh My - Walking Into Me
Naminé - Velvet
Purity Ring - Ungirthed
Cloud Nothings - Understand It All
Sewing Machines - Twilight
an Horse - Trains And Tracks
Therapies Son - Touching Down
The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work
Teen Daze - Together
Porcelain Raft - Tip Of Your Tongue (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
Yellow Ostrich - Tightrope (Yeasayer)
Starfucker - The White of Noon
Yuck - The Wall
Napoleon IIIrd - The Unknown Unknown
Mrs. Magician - The Spells
Craft Spells - The Fog Rose High
The Dø - The Calendar
Hannah Peel - The Almond Tree
La Femme - Télégraphe
Buried Beds - Telegram
Ex Libras - Teenage Eyes
Apex Manor - Teenage Blood
Deerhoof - Super Duper Rescue Heads!
Wyla - Sunshine
Bull Thieves - Summer Clothes For Anne Marie
Walter Meego - Starlight
arrange - Staring at the Ceiling
Boy Friend - Spirit Burner
Alex Winston - Sister Wife
seabright - shuttle
Nordic Giants - Shine Feat. Cate Ferris
Memory Map - Serpent Wings
Generationals - Say for Certain
fiercecreaturesband - Satan Is a Vampire
DannielRadall - Running Out of You
Stephen Farris - Rocks and Rain
COOLRUNNINGS - Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads)
kohwi - Reeling The Warmth
Rainbow Arabia - Without You
Wombs - Protein Shake
Climbers - Practice
Total Warr - Please Never
Oberhofer - Petz
Sea Pinks - Peripheral Vision
Ra Cailum - Passage
Pandit - Pack Your Bags
Clock Opera - Once And For All
TV Girl - On Land
Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames
Brown Recluse - Notorious
Mind Spiders - No Romance
New Animal - Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian
Munch Munch - Night Corner
Glass Vaults - New Space
The Fruhstucks - My Punk Is Alive (Inside)
Hurt Valley - Monuments
The Russian Apartments - Miss McGinty's Ghost
Prussia - Mediator
Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best
British Sea Power - Living Is So Easy
Star Slinger - Like I Do
Sutja Gutiérrez - Leef I Yaw Eht
Slothpop - Kokoro
Ducktails - Killin The Vibe
tree hopping - k hopping
Modern Skirts - Jane Child
The Brother Kite - Isolation
Wild Vibes - Innate
Of Oceans - In Love, Not Limbo
Palpitation - In Five Years (Niva Remix)
Airliner - Hush Hush
Distractions - Heartbeats
The Young Evils - Get Over It
First Rate People - Funny Games
Phantom Power - Free Thought Just Can't Be
Guerre - Fox Fur Morning
These Animals - Four To The Floor
Fergus & Geronimo - Forced Aloha
High Highs - Flowers Bloom
Southern Shores - First Time Ever
Smith Westerns - End of the Night
Moro - Embers
Wolf Feet - Dead Hand
Baby Giraffe - Daylight
Twins - Danger Zone
Ancient Kids - Crystal Family
Jonquil - Compound
Destroyer - Chinatown
Sacred Animals - Castles In The Snow (Twin Shadow Cover)
Change Leopardon - Canvas Shoes
Hard Mix - Callers
Hear Hums - BXYZ
Byrds of Paradise - Broadcast News
Agent A & Omae - Breathing 2007
Lyke Giants - Breaking The Night
The Veils - Bloom
Papercut - Black Dog
ANR - Big Problem
Cow Parade Cow - Beagle Personality
Phantom Buffalo - Battle Of The Roses
The Go! Team - Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)
Woodsman - All the Cards Fell In Place
Little Comets - Adultery
Spokes - 345

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