If you find yourself with the unshakable desire to go through a looking glass of electronic beats into a wonderland of beautiful indie pop, look no further than This Moment by Søren Juul. Being known previously as the electronic wizard Indians, Søren Juul shed that moniker last year for the first time and began releasing music under his own name. Now, his first full album under that name has been released, and it’s a piece of artwork in its own right.

From the moment that the catchy album opener “Ambitious” begins, Juul has already transported you to a world of his own making, a world where the techno synthetic rhythms of the 80s mash up with his own style of indie pop. The multiple depths that Juul is capable of reaching are most prevalent in the little moments where the upbeat indie pop descends into an emotional soliloquy, such as the transition between “Greenpoint” and “Don’t Want to Fool You”. The magic in this moment (no pun intended) comes from when the latter song goes full crescendo without sacrificing the vulnerability the previous song had already established, akin to a rose going full bloom. 

One highlight of the album is “Epic Moon”, a song that puts listeners into a trance of Juul’s own design, creating a vocal ambiance comparable only to that of a night of isolation and self reflection. Album closer “This Moment” acts as the perfect finisher, instilling the listener with a renewed sense of hope and self purpose. After a handful of songs that break down different facets of humanity, it paints a clear picture of the entire point of the album. This Moment wants you to find the beauty in the tiny moments of life. It has a story that Søren Juul wanted to tell under his own name, a story that any listener can get easily entangled in. 

2016 has been an incredible year in music with dozens of amazing albums out, and This Moment could easily be seen as the black horse. On a macro scale, it wasn’t the most heavily anticipated, but it’s a more cohesive piece then most of the heavily anticipated albums of the year that have already been released. It’s another great addition to a roster of albums released by 4AD records this year, and a beautiful entry that will be appreciated for years to come. This Moment by Søren Juul is out now by 4AD Records on all major streaming platforms.


Watch the video for "Dear Child" Here:


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