This playlist is about feeling ill and not staying still.

ARTGOON: Life is like an absurd amusement park. We're made to ride the rides. We think the same think. Our bodies were made to sink. To drink the water, the cola, the Kool Aid®, the Gatorade®. Together, we salivate hiding among double-wides with weapons to our sides steadfastly awaiting the apocalypse. Our minds drift. Wont of being lost, we take quickly to the status quo and the social quips. We grow old and stiff. Veneers and lolling in Las Palmas. We're all just regurgitations of each other's dreams.

We've got a long way to go. But we've still got tonight. We've got the weekend. We've got a morning drive and headphones made for the meantime. There are good and worse things to come. We must remember: there are always good and worse things to come. Dank weed remains to be found. Get you some. Reality settles in.

"You won't unfold for this fear that you couldn't catch yourself. And here I am giving you something to fall into. Who are you?"
You know who I am. 
"--No for real. Who you want to be? And don't say it doesn't matter, because I know that it matters. The planet's all behind now, and mercury ain't in retrograde anymore, so you tell me where you go."

Cover art based on design for "Imperial" by Denzel Curry. Conversation is taken from tenth track, "Pale Rose" by theMIND.


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